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Wonderful Things on Christmas, 2012 <3

I believe that you all enjoy the most glorified season, warm and prettiest of 2012 Christmas that had been pass for weeks ago.

Its true that Christmas has passed, and another new year has come. We happily celebrate the season, and when the season has passed, we are back to the normal days.

Back to busy life, full of activities, world with its crowd.

I am a type of person believe that, feeling grows, not fade. I believe we are happy at the moment, the happiness will not fade but grows. It grows inside us and lead us to do another things in the world.

So I framed all wonderful things in Last Christmas, write it, share  it and…

let it grows, stronger.

wonderful things on chritsmas

I found a jazzy Christmas discount for Books. I bought a very expensive grooming books from Japan. Knowledge is worth the money. Cried after bought, and happy again when read the books.

I love Kinokuniya…!

wonderful things on chritsmas

Christmas means a lots of Stylo Sheepo in the street to make friend with… and take silly pic? ^^

wonderful things on chritsmas

Christmas means all around you looks warm and more fairy.

wonderful things on chritsmas

A very hilarious Christmas Decoration session after grooming class at Prestige Grooming Academy. Everyone turned out to be a artistic student with funny funny drawing on snowflakes spray.

wonderful things on chritsmas

A very very cute result right?

wonderful things on chritsmas

Christmas at School! With an awesome Lao Shi and awesome Classmates. The most fun classmates on weekend class. I was always wondering how easy I fall in love to them.

wonderful things on chritsmas

Met the most, cutest reindeer ever, named Miruku. The fluffy skirt? She took it all, haha….

wonderful things on chritsmas

A pug ready for Christmas party.

My princess, she stole my heart since very first time. Okara was also ready for Christmas party.

My husband always asked me,

“What I really wish for my christmas every year?”

I replied.

“I woke up in the morning found a puppy wrap on a rotten basket, place inside my house. Suddenly the dog came out from the basket and walk to me… That would be prefect.”

wonderful things on chritsmas

Small Donation at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves for Christmas season.

More wishes won’t hurt, I believe. Haha….

wonderful things on chritsmas

Made a Christmas Photo Card to tag everyone on FB. Getting everyone close using social network ^^

wonderful things on chritsmas

Yes, we always be as a pair of craziest. Haha…

wonderful things on chritsmas

wonderful things on chritsmas

Lots lots of gifts….

wonderful things on chritsmas

More gifts…

wonderful things on chritsmas

Lots lots of exchange gifts….

wonderful things on chritsmas

And always ended up with STARBUCKS mug. AWESOME friends that know that I am STARBUCKS fan. Hahahaha…

wonderful things on chritsmas

Celebrating Christmas & Anniversary with the Journey of A day at USS.

wonderful things on chritsmas

The most magical night I’ve experience on Christmas Night, as we make wishes in our hearts, we were also warmed with joy.

wonderful things on chritsmas

When Christmas everywhere looks magical and colourful… I fell i want to give thanks to all the decorator and designer that brings us a lot of pretty things to see and enjoy.

wonderful things on chritsmas

wonderful things on chritsmas

Bought for my self a set of J. R. R Tolkien’s, and it came late as Christmas Present. But classic says, better late than never right? The books came late, but safely and nicely packed. Plus, worth to buy, thanks BOOK Depository for the Christmas Sale!

wonderful things on chritsmas

A date of Hobbit and Oppa Panda, share two scoops of heavenly ice cream and finished by Hobbit haahahaha…..

wonderful things on chritsmas

Went for a year break, short weekend at KL, Malaysia. Met my old friend, Doraemon who celebrating christmas too! I forgot to ask something awesome from his little super powerful pocket though… too bad :D

For me, Christmas means a lot.

And above all,

Christmas means the Greatest Love.

John 3 : 16

And nothing else will be more important.


3rd Anniversary : Same Promise, Same Story

Happy Anniversary to us!

Its been a beautiful year for us. More ups and down. Its not because of the finance, not because of the limitless time we have here, not because of ego, more because of we are so afraid of our future. Seriously. :) As a student and a pastor soon to be wife, there are a lot of things we have to consider in life rather than our own love story. Its true. But sure, we had a lot of fun and blessings! And a lot of dating too, because if we lucky enough, we really wish for a baby as soon…. , soonest that possible. Because love, never fails.


How we celebrate this year?

I made him a video. They said it is a very touching video. I believe its true. Just click the Youtube link above, and watch. :D

So, I made him a video, and he made me this:

Yes, a dinner, in our Hostel!

3rd Anniversary { Van & Min }

So we went home together, and he is just give me all his bag and stuff, so my hands were full with things and waiting for him to open the door for me. And he let me stand outside our house alone and close the door in front of my eyes!

After minutes, he opened the door for me, and…

you right, Im speechless, tearing and deeply deeply touch.

3rd Anniversary { Van & Min }

He even sent a puppy to deliver a flower for me, isn’t he sweet? I wish next year, he use a puppy that really can bark and walk.


3rd Anniversary { Van & Min }

That night, he made me the most blessed wife in this universe.

We run this marriage life for three years. I am really really happy with my marriage life. Friends, juniors, even aunties asked me, do I enjoy my marriage life more or single. I have no doubt to answer that. Its never easy, but WORTH it. So, my 2013 wish are simple, wish all of you, yes, you, will find your true love, and pursue your true love,  be with your true love, until the last of your day.

God bless.

… and let the story continues.

“Us” Trip – Batam Island <3

Few weeks ago, my husband planned our sudden shocking “unplanned” trip to Batam, after 2 years we stay in Singapore this is our first time to Batam. Haha. After postpone it for weeks, here I am, sitting with empty cup and uploading all the picture one by one, post it on my dearest blog to keep the moment and memories stay forever and ever.

Don’t worry, due to blogging, I used to remember all the journey very well :)

This trip, we spend most of the time in the hotel. Escaping from Singapore, only mean one thing for us, rest as long as you can, eat nice food as many as you can.

Blogging is one of most of the things can’t be deleted from my life. Its been two months I haven’t post a new post. But seriously, no matter how busy I am, was, I miss blogging much ^^ So very excited to tell you all our fun trip ^^


We travelled to Batam use Wavemaster Ferry. A new Ferry which bring us directly to the nearest hotel we booked, and 10 mins from the city. Harbour Front to Harbour Bay. 45 Mins, I don’t have to struggle with my “mabok laut”.


The journey with the ferry was fast, fine and enjoyable. I prefer you left at night time, when its not to hot, and the view of the sea with the singapore city as background are totally priceless.

Arrived safely. We made a booking with booking.com for 2 nights at Swiss Inn, which is very truly so so so affordable. Include breakfast, awesome t! After the check in, we rushed to go find our room. ^^  My face was like oily, sticky and all I want : shower under warm water. :D



We took a bath and then out for dinner. But too bad, they close very early. So we went to the A1 food court or something. We ordered fried kwetiaw, satay, ayam penyet, cockles rebus and drinks. Too bad, the kwetiaw not nice, cockles bad bad bad, satay also so so, the ayam penyet was nice.

After midnight dinner we went to circle K to buy any kind of instant noodle that makes me happy. Any kind of instant coffee that makes my husband happy. And back to hotel without considering how naive we are, went that far and happy only because shopping at Circle K.

For the first night, I don’t take any picture because I totally forgot and too nervous. I hate to travel with ferry and any kind of ship, real ship, haha.

We sleep with TV on until morning, fluffy bed, comfort cold air con, and promise to wake up super early for *raise eye-brow* super nice breakkie.


So second day, hunting.

For? Nothing. No pressure and just enjoy the day, hunting for good stuff, good movie and food, as all there are cheaper than SG. So, haha.

The sun shines brightly and we succeed to wake up early to enjoy our breakfast. Wohoo.


Me with my outfit today. :)

And our best smile for the morning, tadaa…. ready and fresh for all activity today ^^




Coffee, can’t trade this to anything else in the morning.


We love the breakfast! Super nice. I ordered this super shiny smiley egg for my special morning ^^ Had a very full yummy stuff and great cup, we ready to go for hunting.


aren’t the eggs cute? ^^

and the bubur also, nicehhh!


After a greedy and super happy breakfast, we back to take things from room and prepare to start the hunting today.


I wrote a message for him and see how he replied me. (second line) =.=” *facepalm*


Ok, not in camera : DVD hunting, fake earphone, books etc etc… :)

One thing you have to do in Batam, try the Bak Kut Teh! Must try. So we go to the food street at Nagoya and have our lunch there.


Tadaaaa… The awesome Bak Kut Teh. I always love Batam’s Bak Kut Teh, it has so many things inside the soup, not only the pork ribs. And it taste so herbal and healthy :) Price wise? Worth the taste. ^^


It comes with you tiao (ca kwe) and chilli padi slice and black soy sauce. Perfect combo! Our beautiful lunch at food street at Nagoya Hill mall, biggest in Batam.

After lunch, we finally got the ticket for “End of Watch”. Rating is good, and review all praise this movie, bought the ticket without any doubt. As companion, order one Java Tea, one pop corn, the tea…. which is really really nice. Cen te, awesome te leh!



And all set, ready to go. ^^



I said to my husband, “quick, quick while nobody is here, haha.” One thing i like about the 21cinema in Indonesia, the seat is really comfort mannnn…. hahaha. Contra, its always very noisy, and people turn on the phone when movie has starts. Its really annoying.

One panda refuse to smile. No worry, he still cute. ^^


So, the movie? It is really a good movie. Not an expected ending movie, but its really really good and full of action. My husband like it and keep praising the movie, because beside action it really contain a good moral and show how a real friendship really are.

After movie, we back to hotel. As our hotel is just few minutes away with cab, we want to take a bath, rest for a while and go to have a romantic dinner at Teras Cafe, a really nice cafe just outside the hotel. Romantic dinner is really rare for us. :)

What a fine day. Thanks God.


My eyes was swollen without any reason, may be it caused the tiredness and I haven’t been sleeping well lately. So no make up for dinner, hide inside my jacket and super old jeans. Haha. My mom usually will scold me because of my super bad habit, use home wear to any formal occasion. Like she never buy me a good dress to wear. And funny, I always find a reason not to wear them.


Teras Cafe with the pretty lighting. You may choose to sit indoor our outdoor, I chose the indoor. I never had good relation ship with insects, esp the mosquito.




Our seat before we moved to another table again, because the giant spider walk up to hubby’s leg. *facepalm*


Salad for hubby, his all time favourite. It taste really nice and the flavour combination was perfect.


Tom yum for me, disappointing. A big no no.

Chicken chop not so special.

We also ordered smoothies and juice.



But it really was a good dinner and pleasant time.



Spent a good day, hunting, watched movie, and nicely framed with a fine dinner with my dearest. It was perfect and really Thank God for that.


So, can you feel the love tonight? ^^


Good Morning!

Nothing best than cuddling on the freezing morning right? I wish there was 2 puppy cuddling with us to add more fun. *impossible*

After another good breakfast, we pack up back and heading back to home. ^^ A short refreshment and after charged full up, need to go back and fighting again. *aka aka fighting!*




Unplanned lunch, we arrived early and so be it, we just have a lunch while waiting for the next ferry :) I can da pao (bungkussss) crab  too hahaha, not bad at all…


Taking good pictures while waiting for food. ^^



Ahh, the view. Isn’t that amazing?





See? My eyes was swollen like &^%$#$%% and perihhh.


Ouch my eyes…..

Dun worry, good food coming soon. Hahaha….

Our lunch before heading back SG….



In da house Tofu.


Garlic Do Miao (baby bean sprouts)

They called this Tao Co Prawn????? I called it spicy butter garlic prawn. Confusing right? Haha.

Since it was really really good, I forgave them, haha. The prawns really a story, big, fat with very nice texture. Oh seafood, how i love thee.

Tofu was excellent, and Do Miao was so so.

That made the final of the hunting food @Batam. Short and enjoy to the fullness.

May we see you again next time ^^


What is holiday without any merchandise right???

See what I found, haha….


Hello Kitty super fine and pretty phone pouch.



A Mirror!


Love them!

So we were back safely and happy.

Its really nice to recall back all the trip tonight and share with you. So I wish you have a nice weekend too, friends.

Ps. So, usually after posting blog, i will received a lot judgement towards me, so it is true that not all the people around us are really supportive and understand us, which I also know not all can. :) So, This is a disclaimer. We are also a normal human being that need vacation and break. I am a blogger who post things and write things for my creativity growth. So, for you who read and saw all the post, you may not agree and judge. But before you judge, may we ask ourselves, is it so hard for ourselves for a little more discerning and love unconditionally? And for you friends who really be with us and love us truthfully, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. Haha…

I wish you have a good weekend, God bless and be happy. Cherish your day like the world will end soon. ^^

Happy Birthday 3rd!

Tahun ke tiga.

Setelah yang paling….. pertama. Lagu yang menginspirasiku untk menulis seri paling pertama dari Double Esspresso dan hingga pada yang terakhir aku masih terhenti. Oops.

We push and pull, And I fall down sometimes

And I’m not letting go, You hold the other line

Cause there is a light in your eyes.

Inilah tahun ketiga. A very happy birthday of my blog. :)

Copy of P_DSC01048_??e_resize

Its been a biggggggggg pleasure to write and blog.  And its all about Sharing. :)

I can communicate, I can SHARE… with blog.

Blog always succeed framed all my thought and creativity I wanna to learn. I know how enjoyable is, to write something creative and new.

How  wonderful is that?

Dalam menyusun kalimat, aku bukan yang sangat sangat memahami bagaimana.

Dalam menyusun cerita, meluap luap ingin menuangkan apa yang ada dalam pikiran, bahkan kurang peduli akan apa yang menjadi awal dan akhir. Namun, I can tell you, blogging, sangat sangat addictive.

Sangat sulit bagiku untuk menulis kalimat yang “benar” seperti yang ada di koran nasional, seriously. Bahkan beberapa teman dekat mencela caraku menulis, haha, namun mereka pembaca setia tercinta yang tidak akan melompati blogku, apapun isinya, haha.

Sure it will took your time, memeras waktu dan tenaga, blogging.

Menulis adalah satu hal, blogging adalah satu hal yang lain. Blogging buat ku adalah caraku membagi. Apa yang kupelajari, apa yang kualami, apa yang kugumulkan. Itu semua dibagi dalam frame yang berbeda-beda. Dan dunia ini penuh dengan hal-hal terindah, salah satunya adalah membagi. Salah, berbagi.

Entah berapa cup, cangkir, kopi yang sudah kuhabiskan untuk mengisi blogku. Satu demi satu. Puas? Haha, tidak sama sekali. Namun anehnya hanya mengisi satu page dengan tulisan dan itu membuatku senang sekali. Buat apa susah-susah membuat blog? Blog caraku berbagi, dan itu membuatku sangat happy. Sugguh mustahil menjelaskan pada orang lainhal ini…. Haha. Mamaku sampai hari ini tidak tahu aku ngeblog, tidak tahu apa yang ku lakukan di depan laptop dengan deretan botol minum, cangkir kopi kosong. Syukurlah beliau tidak tahu, karena toh hitsnya juga tak seberapa, jika tahu makin diomelin. Hehe.

Tidak ada gunanya ngeblog tanpa berbagi, itu menurutku. Berbagi yang terbaik, berbagi untuk belajar, belajar untuk berbagi. Sounds good is it?

Resep makanan?



For the LOVE of the DOG?


Yes, you can write and put as much as you can. On a blog!

Tidak ada gunanya ngeblog tanpa berbagi, sekali lagi. Berbagi yang terbaik, berbagi untuk belajar, belajar untuk berbagi. Sounds good is it?

Tuntutan berbagi yang boleh dianggap Kepo-kepo (baca: busy body) oleh orang lain, itu bener-bener menyiksa jika tidak di tulis dan di bagi.Blogging, dunia blog, teman teman blogger sudah seperti satu dunia yang solid..

Orang lain berbagi dengan caranya sendiri-sendiri. Dan aku mungkin orang aneh yang merasa berbagi lewat blog adalah benar. Aku tidak bermimpi akan berlari membawa obor olimpiade, aku bermimpi aku bisa menulis tentang mereka yang membawa obor olimpiade supaya mereka yang lain membaca dan mau pursue, menggapai tujuan berlari membawa obor selanjutnya.

So… tahun ketiga. Saatnya menyemangati diri untuk mengisi lebih banyak kolom dan mengasah kreatifitas more and more. Tomorrow will always come, actually. But I always run out of time, I don’t know why, hingga untuk menulis satu kolom pendek di blog sangat-sangat painful karena mengorbankan waktu istirahat yang sudah sangat sedikit. Haha.

If you ever read some of my coloumn of my blog, will you please share your 2 mins to wish my blog a very young birthday… ? May be cheer me up and push me to write more better and less crap hahahahaha…Untuk menyemangati dan mendorongku untuk menulis lebih baik dan mengurangi omong kosong dalam blog, hahahaha.


A very happy 3rd birthday  minmerry.com


So proud, haha! Tidak dapat kututupi, sungguh bangga diriku, hahahahaha.

Its been three years of ketekunan dalam blogging. More for years ahead. :) Cheers and blessings…


The Night of Sevens, The Love Story.


Source : http://www.davidmalin.com/fujii/source/af3-21_72.html

The 7th day of the 7th month of Lunar Calendar. Hari ke tujuh, bulan ketujuh penanggalan berdasarkan Bulan.

Kamu boleh memanggilnya The Night of Sevens.

Itulah hari ini.

Kisah ini selalu di ceritakan tiga tahun berturut turut oleh mama sebelum aku datang ke Singapore. Hari ini adalah tahun ketiga aku tidak mendengarnya bercerita tentang dongeng ini. Kerinduan dalan hati meluap merindukannya. Cerita terindah yang disimpan dalam Hari ke Tujuh, Bulan ke Tujuh, Calendar Lunar, menurut penanggalan Bulan.


Mama, dia selalu mengakhiri kisah ini dengan kalimat.

“Selalu hujan di Hari Ke Tujuh Bulan Ke Tujuh…”

Biasanya dia menceritakannya sambil aku mengantarnya pulang ke rumah di dalam mobil.

Malam ini saya akan menceritakannya dengan versi yang paling saya tahu, dan paling saya sukai. Tidak tahu ada berapa puluh versi dalam perbedaan bahasa, budaya… Aku ingin menceritakan yang terindah, terindah, terindah yang Mama ceritakan untukku.

Kisah cinta ini milik sepasang kekasih yang dipisah oleh Kerjaan Surga, sehingga Sang Putri di asingkan di Bintang Vega dan lelaki yang menjadi suaminya diasingkan ke Bintang Altair. Bintang yang berseberangan dipisahkan bimasakti, dimana sesungguhnya mereka terpisah 16 tahun cahaya. Terlalu jauh dan sangat jauh bagi mereka untuk bertemu kembali.

Source : http://www.geocities.jp/senribb/TanabataStars.html

Namun, hanya satu hari…

Kerajaan Surga memiliki 7 orang putri. Putri Terakhir, Putri Ke Tujuh dari Kerajaan Surga sangat pandai sekali menenun, sehingga Raja selalu menugaskan Putri Ke Tujuhnya untuk menenun langit, menenun awan dan menenun pelangi untuk memperindah dunia. Dan Putri Ke Tujuh Kerajaan Surga ini menenunnya dengan sangat menawan. Karenanya, Putri Ke Tujuh ini dinamakan Penenun, Zhinü, The Weaving Maid. Saya suka menamainya Putri Penenun.

Di dunia manusia, hiduplah seorang pria yang gagah, elok rupanya, menawan dan giat bekerja. Ia seorang yatim piatu, dia tinggal bersama dengan kakak iparnya, dan sehari-hari ia mengolah tanah dan bekerja bersama mereka. Hingga mereka meninggal, dia satu-satunya ahli waris dan ia meneruskan mengolah tanah bersama seekor kerbau yang juga adalah warisan untuknya. Dia bekerja, hidup bersama dengan Kerbau itu. Dia dipanggil Si Gembala aka Niulang, The Cowherd.


Kerbau yang tinggal bersama, bekerja bersama dengan Gembala ini, adalah kerbau yang abadi di Surga. Karena kesalahannya, ia dihukum di dunia.

Melihat kebaikan hati pemuda ini, suatu hari ia berkata padanya. Jika ia ingin menikah, pergilah ke danau, maka keinginan Gembala ini akan terwujud. Maka sang gembala ini pergi ke danau. Sesampainya ia di danau, ia melihat ke tujuh putri sedang mandi di danau tersebut.

Pemuda ini terpesona dengan kecantikan Putri Ke Tujuh, dia lalu mengambil baju peri milik putri ke tujuh.

Keenam putri lainnya terbang kembali ke surga setelah mandi, putri ketujuh tanpa baju tersebut, ia tidak bisa terbang kembali ke surga.

Kemudian, pemuda ini muncul dan berkata ia tidak akan mengembalikan bajunya jika putri penenun ini tidak menyetujui untuk menikah dengannya. Putri ini menganggumi pemuda ini dari keelokan, ia jatuh cinta padanya. Dengan malu-malu, maka Putri ini pun setuju, dan mereka menikah, bahagia, dan lalu memiliki dua anak dua tahun kemudian.

Namun, langit, awan-awan, dan pelangi tidak seindah dulu. Tidak seindah yang ditenun Putri ketujuh kerajaan Surga. Dewa Surga merindukan putrinya, maka ia meminta nenek dari putri ke tujuh untuk turun kedunia untuk menjemputnya kembali.

Nenek berhasil menemukan Putri ke Tujuh, mengambil kembali baju perinya, dan membawanya kembali ke surga.

Kehilangan istrinya, Sang Gembala ini sangat berduka. Hingga kerbaunya lalu berbicara padanya, mengatakan bahwa jika sang gembala membunuhnya, dan memakai kulitnya, ia bisa terbang ke Surga dan mencari istrinya.

Dengan hati hancur, ia membunuh sahabatnya, menggunakan kulitnya dan membawa kedua buah hatinya ke Surga untuk mencari istrinya.


Source : http://www.exploresteamboat.com/news/2012/jun/11/jimmy-westlake-summer-triangle/

Sang Nenek mengetahui hal ini, lalu menggunakan tusuk rambutnya menggores langit hingga terbentuklah satu bimasakti untuk memisahkan Bintang Vega dan Bintang Altair. Vega adalah dimana Putri Penenun berada untuk menenun kembali awan-awan, langit-langit dan pelangi yang indah. Sedangkan Sang Gembala berada di Bintang Altair, dipisahkan bimasakti, dimana Sang Gembala tidak mungkin menyebrangi lautan bima sakti dan bersatu dengan Istrinya. Setiap hari, Sang Gembala melihat istrinya dari seberang menenun dengan pilu, dan Putri Ke tujuh melihat suaminya bersama anaknya.

Kisah ini menyentuh hati burung-burung Murai begitu dalam hingga pada hari ini, Burung-burung Murai berkumpul, dan membentuk satu jembatan, Hari ke Tujuh Bulan ke Tujuh dimana Dewa Surga mengizinkan mereka bertemu dengan Burung-Burung Murai sebagai jembatan.

Konon Hari ke Tujuh Bulan ke Tujuh, tidak akan ditemukan burung Murai dimanapun. Karena Burung-burung tersebut terbang ke surga dan membentuk jembatan bagi keduanya. (“the bridge of magpies) Dimana dalam satu tahun mereka hanya bisa bertemu karena di jembatan ini. Dan Jika hari ke Tujuh Bulan ke Tujuh turun hujan, … itu adalah airmata sepasang kekasih ini.


Katakan aku adalah seekor dari Murai itu, yang tersentuh dan meneteskan air mata saat menuliskan cerita ini, tersentuh akan dongeng ini.

Belum terlalu malam untuk membuka jendela, dan melihat kedua bintang paling terang di musim panas ini bertemu. Bukankah selalu menenangkan hati melihat bintang-bintang? Seolah ada cerita indah yang tiada habisnya, dan bintang-bintang ini memberi semangat dengan keindahannya sendiri, dan langit gelap akhirnya membawa hal yang indah. I hope it adds one more story of the star for you.

Milky Way

Source :http://www.sciencephoto.com/media/332391/enlarge

Dan belum terlambat menyadari sungguh beruntungnya aku berada didekat yang kukasihi.

Kisah ini juga dikenal dengan Festival Tanabata di Jepang, yang mewarnai komik-komik kesukaan remaja-remaja :)

Happy Chinese Valentine Days, Mom :) We both missed daddy.

And I love you, My Cowherd.

So… she was right, it rains again today.


“Every Rainy Day I miss you so much

waiting for the day when we will meet again.

why does raining sky make me sorrowful for no reason…”

- Western Sky -


Source : http://www.greatdreams.com/sacred/return_of_the_feminine.htm

Ps. You may found so many version of this fairy tale, but same version of this tale also. Just search on google :)